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The SCProbond™ Advantage

High quality silicon carbide materials and components you can count on.

Silicon carbide is a synthetic material that exhibits high performance characteristics including: high hardness approaching that of diamond, high strength (gains strength at temperature), excellent chemical resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance and excellent wear resistance.

However, unlike metals and their alloys, there are no standardized industry performance criteria for silicon carbide. With a wide range of compositions, densities, manufacturing techniques and company experience, silicon carbide components can differ drastically in consistency, as well as mechanical and chemical properties. Your choice of supplier determines the level and quality of the material you receive.

At SCP, we design, develop and manufacture our own SCProbond™N and SCProbond™R silicon carbide materials to deliver excellent performance to meet a variety of extreme abrasive wear, corrosion, high temperature and thermal shock application requirements. SCProbond silicon carbide materials offer the following advantages:

  • Material formulation determined by statistically designed methods.
  • Exclusive use of consistent, high quality raw materials.
  • In-house pattern-making, internally developed, multi materials including rapid  prototyping, 4 axis CNC routing and CMM measuring equipment.
  • In-house working tooling for consistent high quality and flexibility.
  • Process controls and monitoring details throughout the manufacturing operation.
  • Proprietary furnace controls which optimize firing consistency and material performance; verification of results monitored for each cycle completed.

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